Saturday, June 13, 2009

Life without technology...

After an over two week hiatus from blogging, and Internet in general, I am pretty excited to get back in touch with the world through my blog, Facebook, etc. It has been a pretty crazy couple weeks, so hang on for dear life as I attempt to give a summary of our lives.

About two weeks ago I awoke to find that my land line, and my Internet was gone. I knew it was coming, and had been planning on the change for a couple months, but I honestly have to say that it has been a bigger adjustment then I anticipated. The phone line being cut wasn't really a big deal, and I am happy to have it gone, given that 90+% of all calls that I got we telemarketers anyway. The Internet has been a different story. David misses his Mafia Wars on FaceBook, and I miss my blogging connection to the world a bit more then I thought. It has honestly been harder then I thought getting to check my emails, blog, etc. Oh well... we are saving about a hundred bucks a month, and I am happy to say that we are spending more time together then we used to.

The sickness that we were plagued with last month has finally subsided, but we are still dealing with the aftershocks of it. Mostly the sleep schedule that we had strictly set up, has all but left. The kids are still waking up far to often, and a couple still want to end up in my bed almost nightly. UUGGHH!!!! I haven't slept good in over a month. Oh well, who needs sleep?!?!? Nathans random fevers, sore throat and extreme lethargy turned out being, of all things, Mono! Yeah, what the heck?!?! Who has he been kissing? =) He is passed it now, and is back to normal. Emily had another ear infection (which is almost commonplace), and Betsy had double ear infections. They all went through the doses of antibiotics, a few bottles of Ibuprofen and many naps, and every ones health is back. Hallelujah!

The older three kiddos have been in swimming lessons for the past two weeks. They all did extremely well, especially Emily. She is a natural. She loves the water, going under the water and has a smile plastered on her face the entire lesson. She is a fish, I swear! The swimming lessons have caused quite a busy time for me and the kids, and I am beginning to see what my life will be we the kids get a bit older and involved in sports, music, etc. Here, there, everywhere.

David has been involved in church softball this last little while. Their team won the first few games easily, but lost their last one. I would love to go see his games, but most of them are all after the kids bedtime, and I wasn't about to try and make the 10 pm game!!

I have been trying to make some leeway on getting my life in order. Ha! But am I pleased to say that our house is generally clean, most of the time. It sure is wearing me out though! There has got to be an easier way to be a mommy to 5 kids, six and under, and keep the house clean, and meals on the table... Hahahahaha!

We are currently in Mesa right now visiting my family. We all went to a temple session together this morning and out to lunch afterward. It was a nice experience to be in the temple has been too long. We just happened to be in the same session as Uncle Rusty. It was good to see him.

Our garden is finally showing some signs of life, and we have lots of little blooming veggies. It has been a enjoyable project for David, he seems to really enjoy gardening. We have a list a mile and a half long of projects to complete this summer. We might just be making some more headway on our house. It feels good to get things done.

So there is the update. Hopefully I get around a Internet connection a bit more often, so my blogs are not so dang long!