Friday, August 31, 2012

Double digits!

I know I have about a million posts to catch up on, and well, it isn't going to happen today.  BUT, I do have a good reason to skip a month or two of activity and jump right to the present.  THIS present:
This wonderful little guy made me an official mommy 10 years ago today.  TEN years.  Good grief.  I feel old....
As I laid in bed last night remembering the night that Nathan came into the world (at 12:46am), it seemed like yesterday.  The pedicure with my sister, Heidi, the shopping trip cut short, the drive through rush hour, the panic, Davids' coaching calm voice in my ear, the PAIN, and then the sweet sound of a newborn baby finally crying.  I felt so young, so inexperienced, so scared.  We grew together.  We learned together.  And I wouldn't trade this boy for ANYTHING. 
10 years later.   Nathan has always been a smart little whip.  And he continues to love to learn, and read, and think, and share everything on his mind.  I love him more than I probably should.  Nathan is growing into the kind of young man that I only dreamed of having.  He makes me proud everyday.  He is GOOD.  He is SMART.  He is MINE!