Tuesday, May 22, 2012

~~~ 35 ~~~

From the very first time I saw David, working in the computer lab at Eastern Arizona College, I knew that there was something different about him.  He had a great sense of humor, and a wonderful listening ear. 

He chose me, a girl with lots of baggage, and treated me with respect and honor.  He was so good to me.  He treated me right, and the relationship felt so easy and relaxed.  No pressure, no jealousy.  It was refreshing.  He was a righteous RM and a pretty good home teacher too! =)

Since those early twitterpated days, I am pleased to say that he still treats me with respect and honor.  And our relationship is still easy and relaxed. 

He STILL makes me laugh everyday, and has always happily, and without complaint, stepped in when I needed a hand.  He used to take over diaper duties every weekend, he will make dinner when I haven't gotten around to it, and is quick to jump in and play with the kids.  He is their favorite toy.

Happy birthday to the man that changed my world forever.  It has been a privilege being your wife.  You chose me, and I am forever grateful for it...

Monday, May 21, 2012

What we've been through...

Since we decided to take the trek north to Montana and start afresh, I feel like we have been tried and tested in more ways then I can even remember.  I don't want to sound like I am complaining or ungrateful, because that is very far from the truth.  I know that we did the right thing by stepping out on our own, and moving to an unknown place.  I have felt the Lords' hand several times in our moving and settling process.  And many blessings have been given to us throughout this change.  So, with that said, I need to document some of the bigger things that have been placed in our path, because at this point it is getting almost humorous.  Just waiting for what the next thing is...

  • I have been sick with a cough, cold, sinus, and/or chest infections off and on since we moved here.
  • I was hospitalized with what ended up being a serious UTI and pelvic infection.
  • The suburban broke down.  We took it to the shop and replaced the fuel filter and pump.
  • Betsy started her therapy to help with her hand mirroring/shadowing.
  • Betsy has had several cavities filled, two root canals, and so many trips to the dentist that everyone there knows us all by name. 
  • The suburban broke down.  We replaced the alternator.
  • Betsy had a serious asthma attack, and has now been put on stronger medications.
  • Emily crashed her bike into the back of Davids truck and broke the tail light with her face.  Emergency room trip with face and head cut open.
  • Suburban broke down, AGAIN.  Taking it tomorrow to shop to replace the #4 cylinder.
  • Nathan fell, broke his right arm, and is now in a temporary splint.  Going back Friday to see if we will get a cast or possibly surgery.

With all these things piling up on us, it has humbled me.  I have had to allow people to help me.  I hate that.  I hate being "that person" that needs help from others.  It makes me feel weak, or unable.  Well, I think that the Lord has placed these trials in our path to see how we respond to them.  And what we learn from them.  I am responding relatively well, and learning that I cannot do things alone.  And that getting help does not equal weakness.  It takes strength to accept help.

...oh, and I have learned that all these trips to the doctor, mechanic, hospital, therapist and dentist adds up to a big chunk of change.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Graff Poetry Slam

Nathans' school, Graff Elementary, put on a Poetry Slam on April 12th.  I got to go with my wonderful son, and listen to him perform a self-written poem, to the entire 3rd and 4th grade, and a gym full of parents.  He worked hard on his poem, practiced a lot, and did great reciting it, by memory, for the crowd. 
Waiting in the wings to perform.  He was so excited!  I took a video, but I can't get it to load!

A couple weeks later, I found my son in our local paper!  This is the group of 3rd and 4th graders that recited poems.  He is in the fourth row, 3rd from the right.  By the way, Nathan says he now feels so famous!  He pointed out that he was in the paper in Snowflake when he won the spelling bee, and now in Laurel with the poetry slam.  Cute kid....

Here is his SELF-written poem that he performed:

The Candlestick
By Nathan Peterson

Here's a present!  Take it quick!
Plus don't jump over the candlestick!
If you do, you'll get a surprise!
It might even blind your eyes!
Now I have to go, and remember,
Don't jump over the candlestick!

When I opened the present I found
A hypnotizing candlestick!
The hypnotizing candlestick
Hypnotized me to jump over it!
I found a bright glow, it filled the room
Soon I heard a big KABOOM!

I must have been blind, everything was black!
Then I bumped around and found something.
I flicked it on and on came the lights.
I woke, thinking what happened?
It must have been a dream!

I have spoken a few times with Nathans' fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Broyles.  Each time I have she always goes on and on about what a great performer and speaker Nathan is.  I am so proud to have my smart, happy, GOOD boy!  I am one lucky mama, that's for sure!