Friday, August 28, 2009


I thought I would try and do a more detailed post this time. Last post I was in an incredible hurry. So anyway, here is an update on us.

David is still staying pretty busy with work which is practically a miracle in construction. He has had another surgery on his nose, and is scheduled for another one possibly next month. His doctor said that Davids nose is the worst he has ever seen. We are still trying to figure out causes, and allergies and what is causing all his issues. He and Nathan are going camping tonight mostly for Nathans birthday, and also for some "peace and quiet".

I am doing pretty well. Staying busy with kids and everything else. I have been pretty sick lately, which is no fun, but I am surviving. I currently have pink eye in both eyes, strep throat, cold sores, and stitches in my left thumb. Just a word of advice from someone who knows... brand new knifes are very sharp. OH!! Guess what I am doing for my birthday this year???? I'M GOING TO DISNEYLAND!!

Nathan is in 2nd grade now, with Mrs Jones as his teacher. He is doing VERY good and has really taken more of a liking to reading this school year. He is either reading or playing with his toy soldiers. His 7th b-day is on the 31st. He is excited about that, but I honestly don't know how I feel about my baby already being 7 years old!

Aubrey is in kindergarten, with Mrs Slade as her teacher, or as she pronounces it Mrs. Slave =). She is really liking school, which I am so happy about... I did have my fears knowing her personality. She is really growing into a wonderful little girl and losing some of her defiant side.

Emily is making the adjustment of being the oldest at home now. She is taking over that defiant side that Aubrey is growing out of, which is strange to see. I am glad that it is just a phase. She went in yesterday morning and had surgery on her ears. She had tubes put in, for the second time.

Betsy is growing into such a little chatterbox, and a bit of a stinker too. She can throw a fit with the best of them. She is fighting getting on the potty train, but we are trying.

Jay, my sweet little boy is Mr. Disaster. He is 20 months old and just loves to tear it up. His favorite thing to do lately is get into the tub and turn it on, clothes, shoes and all. He loves to flush the toilet too. We have lost a few toys in the past few weeks. I think he wants to be a plumber when he grows up.

Well, that is all. Life chugs away here at the Peterson household. Just trying to hang on to the wild ride. =)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Still alive!

Just a super quick update on life from here in Snowflake... We are all doing well. Nathan is enjoying 2nd grade and doing great, and Aubrey is loving kindergarten. David is staying busy with work, which is a great blessing, I am staying busy with my big bunch of kids. The kids are happy, healthy and keeping me always on the move!! I sure miss this Internet stuff....we hope that we can find a way in the future to get connected again!!