Saturday, October 24, 2009

October Updates

Life has been plugging along fine this month. We have had a few bumps and bruises, a few runny noses and even a surgery. Here is the details, one at a time:
David: He is doing well after a surgery on the 14th. He went in for yet another operation on his nose. He and I agree that it will be the last one. There has not been as much success as we were hoping for, and after a minor complication, we both agree that we will have to find another way to help him breath.
Valerie: I am just trying to keep sane, and keep up with my kids. My STINKIN' pink eye infection from way back when is still hanging around. Just when I think I have got it beat it flares right back up again... UUGGH! So, it will be yet another week (or month, who knows?)with no makeup and glasses. I look really pretty... hah!
Nathan: He has had the most violent month. He has a half inch gash in the back of his head from getting knocked into the corner of a wall. He probably could of used stitches, but we opted for steri-strips instead. Then just a couple days later he got shoved hard (gotta love a little sister) and his face slammed into a bed post. He bled pretty bad, and now looks like he was punched HARD on his right cheek. Now all he needs to do is break his arm and CPS will be at my door for sure! He has a goofy looking grin that matches the holiday. He looks like a jack-o-lantern... either that or an old man who is losing his teeth.
Aubrey: She is doing really great. She loves playing soccer, making friends with anyone and everyone, and is doing incredibly well in school. She had a strange bout of sickness, with fevers and headaches. She seems to be over it now... so that is good.
Emily: She is Little Miss Destruction lately. She is happy and well, and a really good helper while Nathan and Aubrey are at school, but I have seen quite a bit of defiance creeping in.
Betsy and Jay: They are both doing well, and both are talking up a storm. They are constantly busy making sure I have messes to clean up. Both are smack dab in a fun little phase called "terrible twos" But, they are still my sweet little babies.

In other news, I got back last week from a fun trip down to Mesa to visit my family. It was the kids Fall Break, so we took advantage of it. David stayed home and worked. We are busy getting prepared for winter, and will probably be lighting our first fire in the wood stove in the next week or so. I HATE WINTER. I can feel the depression creeping in already....