Saturday, April 28, 2012

Exploring Montana

Did you know that Montana is FULL of all sorts of historical spots?  We have made an effort to see a couple since we moved here, and plan on seeing many more in the future.  A few weeks after we got here (in February) we took a break from the last bits of unpacking, and advantage of the nice weather, and drove a short distance to Pictograph Cave.  Some petraglyphs have been found inside a cave, on the east side of Billings.  We had a good time getting acquainted with pieces of Montana, and got some fun pictures of our afternoon adventure.
 Very pretty views.  We might go back later in the year to actually see it GREEN. 
 In the cave.  The pictures are drawn in the wall behind the kids. 
Me and my hubby.

And just last weekend we drove about an hour and a half east of us, to the Battle of Little Bighorn (Also known as Custer's Last Stand).  It was a really interesting place.  We all learned a lot, and enjoyed the beautiful sunshine and warm temperatures. 
This was a nice sized cemetery for Veterans and servicemen and women.  It was a good opportunity to walk among the graves and teach the kids a little about war, sacrifice, freedom, and gratitude.
At the top of the hill.  Under this memorial is the majority of the remains of the soldiers who fought along side Col. Custer.
This is where Custer fell, near the top of the hill.
And this is the shot of the hill, taken from the cemetery. 

We drove around the area and noticed the graves that dotted the landscape.  A sacrifice of good men, for such a foolish decision.  We all had a good time, and other than the bout of car problems on our way home, had another successful experience getting to know the great state of Montana.

In the coming weeks (read: when it warms up again!)  we will be visiting Pompey's Pillar (a large rock that Lewis and Clark carved their names into), and hope to see Mount Rushmore (6 hours east)and do some camping at Yellowstone (1.5 hours south) this coming summer.  So excited about that!!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Easter, etc.

I check my blog nearly everyday.  I look and see who has updated their blogs, and wish others would do the same.  Yet, I somehow forget that I should be updating mine!  How silly of me....

So, over the past month life has continued to go on.  My days are filled with regular mommy things.  And the kids are doing really well.  Betsy has been pretty expensive this month between her dentist appointments and new therapy sessions.  She was complaining last month of a sore tooth, so I found our new dentist and took her in, thinking it would be a regular cleaning and one filling.  BOY, was I wrong.  She has been such a tough girl as she has sat through several appointments, root canals, x-rays, and fillings.  She has TERRIBLE teeth.  We still have at least two more appointments set up.  Poor sweet little girl.

And for those who are wondering what the therapy for Betsy is about.  Let me explain.  She has always seemed to have a little quirk where when she used one hand her other hand would shadow or mirror the other hand.  It seemed kind of strange, yet not a big deal.  Then it started hindering her.  She struggles with independantly dressing herself, carrying things, cutting, basic fine motor skills. 

I really noticed it handicapping her several months ago, and wanted to go something about it, but then the move to Montana happened, so got put off.  We finally got through all the red tape and she began active occupational therapy last month.  She LOVES it!  LOVES to go "play with Martha".  It has been great to see improvement already.  I worry about her going to Kindergarten in August, but feel that she will have improved enough at that point to fit in fine.  What I love so much about my precious Betsy is that she is happy through it all.  Smiling ear to ear, and sweet as can be.  Love her!

In other news, Easter came to Montana.  We kept it VERY simple and went to an easter egg hunt that a church in town put on.  It was pretty chilly, given it had snowed the day before.  The kids had fun, and thats what mattered.

After the egg hunt we hurried over to the movie theater, and watched a FREE showing of Hop.  It was the first time we ever attempted a movie with all five kids at a movie theater.  They did great!  We figure the next time a "kid movie" is released we could take them all again.  Expensive though!

I love how this move has caused positive changes in my kids.  I have noticed that the rivalry that was always between Aubrey and Emily is gone!  They actually PLAY together.  SHARE the same friends.  SLEEP in the same bed.  They have really started to GET ALONG.

Finally, this is the project the kids threw together this rainy Sunday afternoon.  Its a doll house.  (Although, Nathan and Jay call it a TOY house).  They ALL worked together, desiging rooms, and taping it together.   They keep adding rooms and features to it, so now it is about twice this big, and still growing!

 AAAAHHH!!! My kids are getting along!  Knock on wood....