Sunday, December 19, 2010

Six years ago...

Emily Jo Peterson was born today SIX years ago! She has brought many smiles, memories, fulfilled blessings, and answered prayers to our home. As she has grown she looks more and more like her mommy everyday. If you want to know what I looked like as a little girl (if you happened to not know me then), just look at my Emily. She is my mini-me.

I am sad to admit that today has gone rather un-celebrated. She made the comment as David was tucking her into bed that "today wasn't very fun, and it's even my birthday!" Having your birthday fall on a Sunday is always a let down as a kid. I mean, you don't get to have friends over, or go out to eat, or to ice cream, or to pick out a toy, or anything. So, I promised her, assuming that I am feeling better, that I will give her the birthday celebration she deserves tomorrow.

Just a side note, she lost a tooth today. Her front left one. It has been dangling by a thread for a few days, and I finally yanked it out. She is kinda bummed, because she lost the tooth she lost. (meaning that she literally can't find the tooth that she lost!) I told her that the Tooth Fairy will understand, and still come, and leave money, even if she can't find a tooth under her pillow.


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Jay is THREE!!

My last born child, my baby, my handsome little boy is turning three today. It seems crazy that he is getting so big! I love this little Jay-Clay more than words can express. I love you Jay Clayton Peterson, thank you for coming into our lives, and making our family complete.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Birthdays + Christmas = PARTIES

To say that December is a 'busy' time of year, is a major understatement at the Peterson home. We have five kids, and three of their birthdays fall within 9 days of each other. ALL in December. Aubrey is on the 10th, Jay on the 15th, and Emily on the 19th. I was feeling rather optimistic and brave and planned a double birthday party for my girls yesterday (Saturday). It was my first attempt at a 'friend party' ever. I think it went over rather well. Aubrey and Emily's friends who were able to come were: Lilly T., Saige L., Emma H. , Gwen H., Braedyn S., Katie, Anastasia S., Raegan S., Britian J., and Kortnie S. It was a loud and fun house. No major meltdowns, fights or hurt feelings. Everyone seemed to have a fun time. We had pizza, chips and pop, then decorated our own cupcakes, then ate them with ice cream. Then we had a 'cake walk'. The girls got spoiled rotten, the parents came to pick up the girls and then it was done. Short, sweet... and EXAUSTING! A dozen little girls will do that to you. It was a fun, loud, exciting time!

Later last night was our Ward Christmas Party. It went over SO well! The kids did great, the food was yummy, Santa heard a wish for Christmas from each of the kids, the program was really sweet, especially the short nativity scene! David took the kids home to bed, and I volunteered to help with the clean-up. (Anything to get out of 'bedtime'!!) I brought home tons of extra food, and have dinner set for at least two or three days! It was a good time!I wish I could say that things will calm down now, but that would be a big fat lie! Many more parties, activities, and busyness are still planned almost everyday for the rest of the month! On one hand it stresses me out and brings thoughts of dread, but on the other hand, when each event is said and done, I enjoyed it, and am grateful to create good memories for David, me and the kids. That is what it is all about.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Aubrey turns SEVEN!!

Today, seven years ago, a nurse handed me a tiny bundle, with a absolutely gorgeous little face poking out. Aubrey has brought into my life so much light, happiness, imagination, attitude and energy. She is just as beautiful as the day she was born, if not more so. Happy birthday my wonderful sweet pea!! You make me SO happy!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Davids' second love

So, my husband is the Elders Quorum President in our ward. He keeps himself busy between that and his work. The one thing I think he (and many other men) have always wanted to do was a Pinewood Derby for the adults. He and his presidency planned an Elders Quorum activity for just that. There was NO weight limit set, so there were a few cars that weighed A LOT. David planned and assisted in building his car. You see, my husband is in love with me, and at a very close second place with Dr. Pepper. It only seemed natural to have his car mirror his said obsession. I didn't pull out my camera for the actual event, but we had lots of families come, nine car entries, and lots of yummy food. Davids car won 2nd place over all. It looked pretty awesome, huh? Thank you for your help Mathan! Oh, and in case you were wondering, the can was full for the race, but as soon as we got home David put the whole car in the fridge, and a couple hours later, opened it and drank it... Gotta love Dr. Pepper!

Other tidbits about our Mesa Thanksgiving

So we got to Mesa on Friday afternoon, after, count them.... SIX pull overs for Aubrey's delicate traveling stomach. It almost doubled our travel time, but gratefully we were not in a rush, and there was no actual vomiting IN my van. We enjoyed Zoo Lights, a few cousin sleepovers, lots of FOOD, a mission call, pie in the park, my first (AND LAST) experience with Black Friday, and lots of FAMILY. I got to see and visit with my Gramoose Barton, a couple aunts, a uncle, and a few cousins I hadn't seen in forever. I was feeling rather sentimental and nostalgic, not to mention a bit homesick this time around. For those of you that don't know, I am the only member of my family that is not in Mesa. All of them are within about 5 miles of each other (or will soon be), and I live almost 2.5 hours away in Snowflake. It makes me feel a little lonely for my family sometimes.... But, anyhoo, it was a great time visiting with my family.

The weather was FABULOUS!! My mom kept telling my kids to put their jackets on because she thought it was so cold. They would, but their jackets always ended up laying all over the backyard, because we with thicker blood, thought it wasn't cold in the least! I had to almost laugh at those Valley Folk, all bundled up in there coats and scarfs. Ahhh, it was heaven!!! All in all it was a wonderful visit to Mesa. I love that place.... But, I might be kicked out of Snowflake for uttering such blaspheme.

Mission Call #2!!

Last month I wrote about my parents, who are going on their second mission. They served three years ago in the Philippines MTC for 18 months, and just recently decided that it was time for another one. They have be anxiously been waiting for their call to arrive, checking the status online, and generally getting a bit antsy about it all. We happened to be in town visiting when it came in the mail! Nathan and Aubrey were the ones that brought it in from the mailbox, and handed it off to Grandpa. The family gathered, and they announced that they would be serving in the....

Nauvoo, Illinois, Visitor Center Mission! They are SO excited, so much so that my mom spent the next day or so jumping up and down, dancing and squealing with delight over it! I love the example that my parents share when the chose to serve a mission. It is hard being without them for 18 months, but I can't hardly wait for the blessings that come pouring into our family because of their service. I love and am so proud of them!

Zoo Lights 2010

We went to Zoo Lights at the Phoenix Zoo on the night we got to Mesa (Wednesday). It has become a tradition with the Barton family, and the kids sure love it. The zoo was where my camera fell from my pocket, was kicked hard, and busted in a few pieces. I spent a good 10 mintues wandering around with a small flashlight looking for pieces, and then gave up after I found the actual camera, and the memory card. At least I had the card, so you could be treated with the few pictures I managed to take before the death of my former camera: After we wandered around the zoo for a while looking at the neat light displays, we rode the Merry-Go-Round, and made it back to the parking lot where we had our traditional apple and cherry fritters and hot chocolate. YUM! It was a fun night with all the kids, and they really had fun!

Another project accomplished!

We recently finished our platform for the wood stove, and it looks pretty DANG good. David worked hard on all the tile cuts, and fortunately we had the help of our wonderful brother-in-law, Mathan. They worked together, and got the tile laid, and later, the stove moved back in and set up. Here is a picture of the tile laid, isn't the pattern pretty? I still don't have a shot of the finished product, but we have THOROUGHLY been enjoying a warm crackling fire since, and our furnace has been turned way down. It hasn't turned on since we installed it! Gotta love that.

Emilys' Thanksgiving Program

On the last day of school before Thanksgiving Break, Emily's kindergarten class put on their Thanksgiving Program. David happened to be home from work, and Betsy and Jay were snoozing, so I got to go, ALL BY MYSELF, to the school to watch sweet Emily. They all sang a few songs, and each class had a short poem or song also. Emily is such a wonderful little girl, and I was SO happy to be there to watch her, UN-distracted! Here is a shot of Emily alone, and one of her whole kindergarten class:

Friday, December 3, 2010

Cameras don't like being dropped or kicked...

I have a lot to report about all the things going on lately, but I admit that I have been a slacker. See, my camera got broken when it was dropped and then kicked at the zoo during Zoo Lights in Mesa during Thanksgiving. In the meantime, we are waiting for Wal Mart to replace said camera (gotta LOVE the Product Replacement Plan we bought). I really don't like blogging without pictures, especially when I know that I have perfect pictures for what I am writing about. So, I am just checking in, changing up the background, and patiently waiting for a BRAND NEW camera! More to come soon. The end.