Saturday, October 6, 2012

Video killed the radio star...

Every time I think about this blog that song flashes through my mind.  It amazes me how 'once important' things can be replaced by other 'now important' things.  Each time I find a minute to get on the computer I now will go directly to Pinterest.  Then Facebook.  Then, every few days, to Yahoo.  Then, once a week or two, now I will come to the blog.  I am, in no way saying that Pinterest or Facebook are worthy opponents to journaling/blogging.  They just seemed to have moved up on my 'priority' list. 

Heck, I am pinning some pretty amazing stuff!  And find myself trying all sorts of tips and tricks with the house cleaning/laundry I dread doing.  And most of the stuff I do try, works and ends up saving a bunch of money.  And I feel smarter and better at my housekeeping job.   AND my house is cleaner then ever.

I also find myself day dreaming, and night dreaming about my "dream home".  SO many cute, practical, 'why-the-heck-didn't-I-think-of-that' ideas for the future.  I am looking forward to the time in our lives when we can buy some property and build that dream home I have in my mind, and all over my Pintrest account.

Then comes Facebook.  I have a love/HATE relationship with Facebook.  I love that I can keep up with all my family and friends that live so far away from us now.  I miss those AZ folks!  BUT, I hate all the daily drama garbage that some people insist on posting about.  And I have said a few times lately that I am going to completely STOP looking at Facebook, listening to the radio, or watching TV until the silly elections are over.  I know who I am going to vote for.  I know where my priorities stand and who I want in office.  I don't need all the attack ads, thoughts, and uninformed negativity that is all over the place.  UGH.  I HATE politics.  Its a good thing that David didn't want to be a mayor or congressman or something.  I would have RUN the other way.  There is nothing worse then the negativity and dishonesty in politicians. 

So, if you excuse me I will now step down from my soapbox.  Sorry about the off-the-subject rant.

The plan now is to play catch-up.  I am not going to give a time table or anything like that because, as I see it, that is a sure-fire way to set myself up for failure.  But, over the course of the next while, I will get back on the bandwagon of recording my family doings and get back on board with this blog.

Adios.  =)