Sunday, March 18, 2012

St. Paddys Day/ Pinewood Derby 2012

St. Patrick's Day was also Pinewood Derby day for our stake!  The cultural hall was full of LOTS of green.  In fact there was a teen aged girl that had green on from head to toe.  And the cutest little baby walking around in a leprechaun suit.  It was so sweet!  We were all sporting green, but David refused.  Needless to say, he got pinched, A LOT. 

Anyway, so Nathans car, which he named "Freedom Fighter", did pretty good on the track.  He ended up getting 4th place in speed and 3rd place in show.  That is also what he scored last year!  We are beginning a little pattern it seems. 

The races were LONG.  Instead of racing with individual troops/wards, they had the races with all the wards combined with the entire stake.  It made for a long morning.  We got there at 8:30am and they didn't get over until after 1pm.  The kids had fun, but we all had grumbling tummies by the time we left! 
YEA for Pinewood Derby's!!  Great job Nathan!! 

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Just because I need to

I know I need to update my blog, yet I feel like I have nothing exciting to say...

David is doing great at his job.  He loves it.  In fact, most every day when he gets home (at the same time everyday!), he has a smile on his face, and is HAPPY.  It is a nice change.

I have been busy doing mommy things.  I realized a few days ago, that I can spend an entire morning cleaning, making beds, scrubbing toilets, vacuuming, doing laundry, making meals, doing dishes, mopping, etc, etc... and no one, outside the house knows all the things I get done every single day.  And I also realized that when I feel happy about serving my family, I don't mind so much, when I have to get up the next day and do it all over again.  Attitude is everything.  Oh, and getting a shower, getting dressed, and actually doing my hair every morning has done wonders on my mood.  Try it, you might like it.  If this sounds a bit like Fly Lady, it is because it is.  =)

The kids are doing wonderful in school.  I put them on the bus at 7:35am, and they get off the bus at 4:00pm.  I like the idea of not driving them to school everyday, since we live too far away for them to walk or ride bikes.  Yet, almost every morning, I feel a twinge of sadness as they board the bus.  Sending them into the thick of the world.  All of them mention the bad words and mean, loud kids on the bus.  They sit with friends or each other, and we have had quite a few talks about how even though some people talk and act that way, WE DON'T.  They understand, and have turned out to be pretty good examples on that bus ride they take everyday.

Betsy and Jay are both growing up and almost staying out of trouble.  We spend a lot of time reading, playing at the park (when its warm enough), and going for walks, which also requires warmer weather. 

Things seem to be going fine around here.  David and I have finally received church callings.  David is the new Elders Quorum teacher, and I am happily the new Primary Chorister (yipee, my favorite calling!!)  We are making friends, and feeling a bit more at home everyday.