Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Just a very quick update to let you know that we have made it all safely to our new home in Laurel Montana!  We are still busy, it is now just a different kind of busy.  David loves his new job.  The kids love their new schools and teachers.  And I am busy making this house into a home that we can learn to love.  We are here, and we are smoothly adjusting to our new lives in a new place!  More updates soon, with pictures too.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Lessons I have learned far with our move to Montana.

1)  I really have learned how great this tiny town of Snowflake is.  My friends, home teachers, visiting teachers, family have all shown me and the kids so much love, concern and support.
2)  There is a lot of people in the world that do not value children as much as they should be valued.  In fact we have been turned down a couple times on the basis that they do not want children (FiVe?!?!) in their home or apartment.
3)  After our Sunday School lesson I had to really look hard at myself.  Am I viewing this move to a strange unknown place like Lamen and Lemual, or more like Nephi?  How is my attitude about all of this?
4)  I miss my husband more then I ever thought possible.  He completes this family and myself, and without him around, I feel empty, lonely and discouraged.  I keep praying more that we can find a house for the reason of getting to be a complete family again, then to have a home.
5)  Living on concrete and mattresses on the floor does not constitute "normal".  I miss feeling normalcy and the routine of the mundane.  All this upheaval is nothing I want to repeat any time soon.
6)  I miss carpet and corners that are not piled with boxes.  I want to be able to clean my house and have it actually look like a home.
7)  Patience is not one of my shining qualities.  I am not a patient person, I already knew that, but living in limbo like this really pushes me and tests the very small amount of patience I do possess.
8)  My kids have been very resilient in all of this change, upheaval and craziness that surrounds us right now.  They have all been acting a bit different, but all in all, they are excited, accepting and happy about our move to Montana.
9)  I have learned quite forcefully to rely on my Heavenly Father.  I have found myself on my knees (which is painful on concrete) several times a day asking for help, patience, guidance and understanding.
10)  I keep having the feeling that one of the main reasons that our family is spread out like this and not finding a house to rent as quickly as we had hoped is for me.  Me to learn to rely more on my Heavenly Father.  And to learn to trust my husband more.  And to learn to accept help.  I have never been very good at any of that.

Of course there are more lessons, but I will stop at 10 for you, my readers sakes.  I hope that the next time I type on this blog, it will be good news, and\or from Montana and our new home.  We would appreciate any prayers to help us find a home for our family.  Thank you my wonderful friends and family...