Friday, January 30, 2009

Plumbing Update...

For those of you that care, our plumbing is flowing once again! The plumber made his routine visit yesterday afternoon, and must have done something right with that plumbing snake, because all is well now on the Peterson front. I am super happy that option one worked!

But, we did find out through his many recent visits that our house is plumbed really weird. So the chances of future plumbing problems are good.... (we have also learned, though our little remodel jobs, that the people that did the original electrical throughout the house were crazy too!) So now we have funny electrical AND plumbing!! Great.

My dad has helped a lot on the electrical issues, by rewiring certain switches to different fuses, and such. And hopefully Billy, the plumber, got enough junk out of our pipes that we will not need him to come back in the near future!

All is well that flows well......

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

February Look....

.....or close enough. I was looking around at other peoples' blogs, and tons had already changed to a Valentines theme, and they were so cute!! So I caved, and did it too! I also changed up my music to all love songs. Every song on my play list has special meaning to me.... some really great music. Enjoy!

Plumbing Problems

It began a couple weeks ago. The night that I was up late, when the washer drain pipe was pouring water out of it, was the start.... And ever since then we have been visited by the plumber every few days. He just left again this morning. We have a temporary fix that he was trying to solve this morning, but after running his plumber snake through our entire plumbing under the house, all we ended up doing in kinking his snake, so he had to go fix it, and will be back again tomorrow. David went to school with him, so he already knows him, but I am getting to know him better every time he comes! =)

As soon as I got my kitchen remodel "finished", workable and started using it regularly, the plumbing went to pot! There is some type of backup/clog/something blocking flow of water in our kitchen sink. So every time the sink water runs for more then about 5 seconds, the sink backs up, and we have standing water. Yikes. So, I haven't been able to really use my sink, do my dishes or run my new dishwasher for the last week or so. Yesterday he came and removed a cap off of a pipe right by my front door that is the plumbing vent/escape/clean out. So now all the water that would flood into my sink is now draining all over my front porch. Hey, it is better then IN my house.

Options are....

1. try and get the plumbing snake through the entire plumbing of the house tomorrow. If that fails, and we end up breaking his snake again ={, we will have to resort to option #2.
2. Bust up the concrete of the front porch, dig a trench across my yard and re plumb my houses' plumbing. AUGH!! Ah, the joys of living in a 60+ year old house, and all the fun glitches we find!

I sure hope option one works......

Monday, January 26, 2009


Just last week I did a post about finding my first gray hair. And no, I have not found another, so maybe its a fluke, and I can still play like I am a young girl. Ha! We will see how much longer that lasts. These five kids are sure causing me some stress lately, and so I blame them for my recent find. =)

So, now I am doing a post about a teenage problem that I still have. ACNE! And tons of it. When I got married, I had acne, but immediately after, I got pregnant (yes, Nathan in a legitimate "honeymoon baby"), and it all went away. I had pretty clear skin for the first time since I was like 12. And well, to make a long story short, I have found myself either pregnant or nursing for pretty much my entire married life. I know, shocking huh?!?! I don't know what it is, but the hormones associated with pregnancy and nursing did something for my face, and I was happily CLEAR.

Well, no more. I have stopped having children, stopped nursing babies, and just this last 2 months or so, my acne has stopped its vacation. =( It is not terrible, and I am not overly obsessed at it like I was as a teenager, but it does cause me a little embarrassment still. I have been watching and hearing about Proactiv for like 10 years now. I was flipping through channels last week, and came across there infomercial. I wasn't planning on ordering it, until Aubrey, who was sitting next to me said "Hey mommy, you have red spots like that on your face. You need that medicine." That is all I had to hear, and I headed to the computer, went to their website and ordered the "risk-free trial".

I have been using it for about 3 days now, and I have to say that I am pretty impressed. I took "BEFORE" pictures of my face, and will happily post them, if this stuff does what it says it will. So far so good, and I am glad to see how soft my skin feels already. So call me a walking billboard or something. Hey if it works, it works. And I will glad to share it, especially if I loose all the zits and blackheads that are all over my face! We shall see......

Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Wonder Pets

This morning, we have been out in the front yard finally getting our fall leaves/pods raked up, and a bunch of brush moved out of our neighborhood ditch that just happens to border our yard on the north side. Everyone (minus Jay, who was having his morning nap) was outside helping rake. Nathan made the cute comment, "Mommy, this is fun!" I then said, "Yes, it is more fun when we work together!" Nathan then responded quickly, "Yup, just like 'The Wonder Pets'. We all had a good laugh! For those of you that don't know who The Wonder Pets are, it is a cute children's show about a group of pets (a guinea pig, turtle, and duck) that help other animals out of predicaments they find themselves in. It has a catchy little theme song that goes something like this....

Wonder Pets! Wonder Pets! We're on our way!
To help a baby squirrel, and save the day!
We're not too big, and we're not too tough,
but when we work together we've got the right stuff!
Go Wonder Pets! Yeah!

(I am actually pretty impressed with myself, that I could pull that out of thin air, especially because the Yogi Bear theme song is playing on the TV, in the background, right now!)So anyway, here is a picture of all my cute wonder pets, working together to get the job done! They actually did a good job. Yes, it took quite a bit longer then if I would have just done it, but it was a good time, the kids had fun, and heck, we got the job done. =)

Thursday, January 22, 2009


You know how some songs, words, or places bring with them negative connotations? Feelings of anger, resentment, regret, sadness, negative memories? Interestingly enough, the word "hope" does that for me.

Here is a little background. In high school, I dated a guy for too long. We were pretty much obsessed with the word "hope". We hoped that things would work out, hoped we would get married, even decided to give our first daughter the middle name, Hope. It got so bad that we named his pet hamster, or was it a gerbil?, Hope. Puke. Yes, I know it sounds a little overkill, and heck, it was! Looking and thinking back on that relationship brings me a lot of regret, sadness, and finally happiness and joy that I was able to pull myself out of it. It is amazing what the right guy (David), at the right time (less then a month after my boyfriend went on his mission) will do for your self esteem and sense of normalcy.

So back to "hope"..... I don't know if you have noticed, but that word has been thrown around a lot lately. It has found itself attached to a man named Barrack Obama. Given that I already had negative connotations to the word, I found myself rolling my eyes, and disliking him more and more every time I heard him speak of "hope for our nation" or "hope for change".

Just a few days ago our country swore him in as our next President of the United States. I still feel like it is the biggest mistake we, as a nation, have ever made. Allowing him power will bring many sad, worldly, selfish things. I am scared to death to see what will happen to our nation in the next four years. I am also scared to see that there are legitimately good people blinded by this wolf in sheep's clothing. In one way, I really wish that he would just ruin things quickly so we can impeach him, or at least vote for a new, and better candidate in 2012.

Barrack Obama has a lot to prove to me. He has come across as a slimy dishonest man with basically no morals. Just look closely at his eyes. They are empty, clouded, and heavy looking. He does not have the light of Christ in his eyes. I find it hard to believe that he can do all that he has said he will, and I wish that he wouldn't do a few things that he has promised!

So to President Obama, I hope that you turn out to be a good person.....good luck ={

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I have always been pretty happy with my age. Yes, it is slightly depressing watching my body change with each baby, and see the return missionaries looking mysteriously younger as the years pass. But, all in all I am happy with how I have grown, happy with my body. But then this morning it happened...... the dreaded event that tells you straight up that you are no longer young, a teenager, or even a young adult. I stood in front of the mirror this morning, brushing out my hair, when there is was. GLARING at me in the mirror. I looked, looked closer, and in disbelief, I discovered, and promptly removed..........

my first gray hair.

Monday, January 19, 2009

American Idol vs. Biggest Loser

So, what is your favorite?!?!? I noticed that they both air at the same time, so you kinda have to choose one or the other. We can catch the re-runs of Biggest Loser, so it works out okay, BUT, I have found my new favorite addiction.... I LOVE THE BIGGEST LOSER!! Wow, what a great show. And what is really cool about it, is that these people are REAL. They come, show the world their obesity, and change right before your eyes. And we all get to watch and learn throughout their journeys.

We watched the re-run last night of show #2 of the new season. I found myself motivated, and during commercial breaks, I was working out, trying to take off the last 10 pounds of baby weight that I have stuck to my butt and hips. It would be nice to get back into my pre-baby jeans again. I haven't since before I had Betsy (about 3 years ago)! I feel sorry for Jerry, great for Dan (orange team, that's his name, right??), and very angry at Joelle. If you want to be there, then work!!!!!!!! We all know she would have been voted off, if given the chance. Maybe next week.

So after the show was over (12:00 am-yes, midnight) we finished the dishes, started the dishwasher, loaded up the fire, and headed to bed. I came back down the hallway a few moments later, for a drink, to find water pouring out of one of our bottom cabinets! I knew immediately what it was. We have an ancient drain pipe from when a clothes washer sat in our kitchen. The plumber still has to come and cap it off, but hasn't yet come.... and when the sink/disposal/ or dishwasher gets a little backed up, the clog and the waste water comes bubbling, or more correctly, pouring out of that pipe. So there I stood, panicking a bit! I turned the dishwasher off, ran and got a million towels, and started wiping things up. It made a pretty good mess, and took about 15 minutes to get it cleaned up. We grumbled a bit, and headed back to bed, again.

David always falls asleep fast, and last night was no exception. He was out cold, and I was WIDE awake. I laid there, mind racing. I finally settled down and started dozing off when Jay started crying. I went and got him, took him out to the family room and rocked with him in our rocking chair. I finally got him back to sleep, and went back to bed, again. About 15 minutes later (I was still awake), Emily started to cry! What the heck, I just want to sleep!!!! I went in to find her burning up with a fever. She was half asleep still. I went back to the kitchen, grabbed the Ibuprofen, and gave some to Emily, laid by her for a few minutes, got her back to sleep, and went back to bed, again! The last time I saw the clock was at 2:17am. I finally got to sleep, and gratefully David let me sleep this morning till nearly 8 am. It was wonderful!

Today is going to be filled with LAUNDRY.... and loads of it! I have all the bedding in the whole house to wash, all our clothes from about four or five days, and all the towels in the house. I think we might have to many clothes..... ugh! ={

Bang, click, bang, click, bang, click, click

I had high hopes for Saturday. David went to Thatcher the former Saturday, so I had a list at least a foot long of "projects" that needed done. I was looking forward to working together and clearing out our backyard a bit. We still have our old fridge, range, and a few cabinets sitting back there... yes, talk about trailer trash! =) At least the couch is finally gone! Well, my plans got pushed aside, and "shot" in the foot. Literally. Well, no one was shot in the foot, but a few targets, pop cans and paper plates were!

We went out to the canyon, about 5 miles out of town, and David got a chance to fire his new Russian SKS. The older three kids took turns firing the BB gun. They had lots of fun and we made some great memories. We loaded up, picked up some food from a local food tent at Bashas, where got some yummy Navajo Tacos and hot dogs, and found a perfect spot for a little picnic. It was a little chilly, but fun!

After lunch the kids ran around, David got a few targets set up and the guns loaded. After about a 20 minute lecture on gun safety, the kids all loaded into the van, and one by one they came out and got to fire the BB gun. They all did really well. Nathan shot a paper plate, clean through the middle, on his second try! We were proud, especially daddy! Here are a few pictures of the kids, shooting the BB gun.

And here is the picture to frame on the wall. David was acting very serious, manly, etc., but if you looked close, he was just giddy! He was having such a good time with his new toy! I can't understand why guns are that exciting. Even I took a few shots (no pictures, of course), with the BB gun, the .22, and the SKS. Each gun got progressively louder. That SKS will deafen you, if your not careful!

I did end up finally getting the Christmas lights off the house, right as is was getting dark. But, I bet we had more fun, and made more memories during that day, then we would have staying home and finishing that foot long list. Sometimes you have to put your "honey-do-list" aside and just HAVE FUN with your's worth it!

Signed, sealed, delivered.... I'm yours

We did not end up delivering cookies on Thursday night. I admit, the kids had been pretty neglected with me baking all day, so they were acting out, and being cranky. We just decided to stay home and be with the kids instead. Friday morning, I got everyone ready, the cookie plates organized, and left for the trek to deliver cookies. I stayed in the car 95% of the time, and Aubrey and Emily ran up to the doors. They were super cute, and had some really cute and sometimes insightful comments about the people they met. Aubrey always had something to say about each house we went to. Like, "Mommy, she was very pretty", or "Mommy, he was very tall", or "Mommy, they were still in pajamas!" or my favorite, "Mommy, that man was kinda strange". I laughed at that one! Heck, he was just being overly excited for the girls.... but Aubrey thought it was "kinda strange"! I had a couple straggler plates that I got delivered on Saturday. It feels nice to do good things for other people. I had fun, learned a few new skills in the process of cooking 15+ batches of cookies, and enjoyed the time with my girls, delivering all those plates of cookies. It feels good to finally start being a bit more social..... now that we have lived here for nearly four years! I am looking forward to busting past my "comfort zone", opening up, and making some closer friends. (yet another resolution!)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Christmas Goodie Plates

Yes, these Christmas goodies are
coming just a few weeks late,
But my kitchen is finally done,
and my baking is going great!
So enjoy your cookies happily that
you found outside your door,
hoping that your
Holidays were grand
and that we’re friends
forever more!

So, yes, I know that it is silly to be handing out Christmas goodies in the middle of January, but I had everything bought, ready, and waiting in the beginning of December, but didn't have a kitchen to cook anything in. So now that the kitchen is up and running, and I am now getting back into the routines of life, I did my Christmas goodie plates, today.
I got myself in the holiday mood by putting on a little Christmas music from Ben and Amy (thank you!!), and I started baking this morning, right after Nathan left for school (8:00 am), and finished all my plates just a few moments ago, and it is now 3:00 pm. It took a little longer then I thought, but everything is plated, bagged, tagged, and ready to be passed around. I am waiting for David to come home and help me drive around the ward, and town to pass them all out. I had a lot of fun, the girls enjoyed helping a little bit, and I am happy to say that I enjoyed myself more then I thought I would. The kitchen is a tornado right now, and I need to get it cleaned up so I can mess it up again, making dinner! David "ordered" biscuits and gravy tonight, one of his favorite meals.
Along with the kitchen getting a good using today, the house is officially trashed too. I now realize just how messy it gets when I am not running around, keeping it picked up. It makes me feel good to know just how much I do accomplish in a day, and actually kind of excited to clean it up, so I can get my house back in order. I have about 2 hours before David gets home, so I better get crackin' and clean up a bit, and get those biscuits on the table for my guy. =)
So, a belated Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


It has been quite a few seasons since I watched American Idol. I saw the first and second seasons religiously, loved it, and then life took over, and I lost interest. I listened to other people rant and rave about it through the last few years, and even watched the last couple shows of last season. This year, I tossed the idea around in my head as to if I wanted to get hooked this year. I watched it last night. I know that I may be a little partial, given that the first show was taped in Phoenix, and I found myself scanning the crowds, to see if I recognized anyone. Nope. But even with that, I really was entertained, impressed by some great talent, and laughing my head off at a few of the crazies that walked through the audition process. I am really liking that Stevie girl, and really disgusted by the bikini chick. Hello, and we say scank?!?! She doesn't have the talent, what the heck is she doing "going to Hollywood"? Oh yeah.... the guys were drooling over her body... well, at least we know that sex sells. Yuck. I did not watch tonight's show. I figure I will tune in again after all the silly audition shows are over, and the real talent and finalists are on stage.

Now, on to other things... tonight we had a few people over for dinner, dessert, and a bit of babysitting. Try and follow.... Davids brother Ben's old roommate from NAU and his wife and their 5 month old baby girl came to Snowflake to do a session at the temple. We were asked through Ben to watch their baby while they went, and I agreed. They are really nice people, funny, and conversation flowed well. Eva, Mathan and their girls came too. It was a good night. So, you guys are always welcome anytime you come back through Snowflake!

Dinner was a success. I don't know why I get all stressed out when I host things. I have never been much of a hostess, and would prefer not to be one. I enjoy going to parties, not throwing them. But, tonight was different. I planned, prepared, and pulled off a pretty good evening, if I say so myself. I borrowed a very good chicken enchilada recipe from my friend Stacie's blog, and it turned out fabulous. I made brownies, had ice cream, and Eva brought some yummy cookies. The kids had fun, the babies were well-behaved, and everyone left happy. Although stuffed animal Curious George will be lonely for a few days without baby Gwena to hold him! =)

I feel like I am finally taking control of my life a bit. I am feeling more organized, in control, and more at peace lately. It is a good feeling. I am happy that 2009 has brought with it, some reasonable resolutions. I am feeling great about my progress. Life is good right now, and I can't complain, it would be very ungrateful.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I realized this morning that I hadn't blogged for a few days, and that I would like to. Yet, I also realized that I had nothing to say. I really enjoy blogging, reading up on every ones happenings, and giving updates on our crazy bunch, but what if I have no interesting things to say?

So with that little predicament I got myself into, my thoughts turned toward the fact that things will be more interesting when a few more kids are in school, when I have time to make a few closer friends, when I get back into scrap booking.... the list continued in a similar fashion.

Now that made me think about just a few years back, when I thought that my life would be more interesting when I got my drivers licence, when I got married, when I had a couple kids. Do you see a pattern?????

Why must we all be unsatisfied with our current situations? Always looking to the future with hope that it will be more interesting/ better/ fun? So why do I find myself searching for more? The fact of the matter is, the grass is almost always NOT greener on the other side.

I have many blessings. A wonderful, talented husband, five great kids, a home, a finished kitchen =), a warm wood stove to keep us comfortable, a good extended family, and on and on.....

So there you have it, my attempt to make a post, without anything fabulous to say, just a lot of inner, a little-to-deep ponderings, and a hope to find joy in the moment, and not waste my time looking toward a "better, more interesting" time. THIS can be that time.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Re-visiting the Gila Monster

David, and his younger sister Eva just took off for a day trip to Thatcher. I am more then a little jealous, and wish I were with them, but alas, I have five children to look after today. The reason they decided to go is that two cousins were just recently married, and so they are attending both receptions tonight. They should have a blast together. David is more excited to spend some "bonding time" with Eva again, then he is about going back to Thatcher. They get to spend some time walking down memory lane together, even though they went to EAC at different times. I can't wait to hear all about it!

Thursday, January 8, 2009


Thought I would treat you all to an update. One thing I have learned lately, is that those few resolutions I made known a few posts back take up a lot of time. Not that I am a lazy person, but, keeping the house picked up all the time seems to fill up my time more then I thought it would, especially the kitchen.

So, yes, the plumber came, hooked up my sink, disposal, and dishwasher. YEAH!!!!! I now have a completely functional kitchen, and I have loved it. Never take advantage of a working sink, that is for sure! Tuesday, my parents came for a visit/work fest, and ended up hanging my vent hood, flipping my fridge hinges, painting all the cabinets, cleaning my bathroom, among other things. They took us all out to dinner at a great Mexican restaurant in Heber (a 35 minute drive), called Los Ramos. YUM! It was good to see them, and always a productive treat when they come. My kitchen looks so good, and I am super proud to say that I have kept it clean and sparkly, as of yet! It feels so good to have my life back on track, and a sense of normalcy again. My bathroom is now a bathroom again, my family room is a family room again, my laundry room is back to being a laundry room, and most importantly, my kitchen is a kitchen again!!!

Nathan has made a smooth transition back into the swing of school again. It is nice having that pattern of routine return after the Christmas Break. He brought home his grades from last semester yesterday, and not surprisingly, he is doing great. I am so proud of him and how he just loves to learn. What a great boy, I am a very lucky mommy to have him.

Davids work is picking up again, which we are grateful for. It was a pretty slow, scary December, but looks like it will be a pretty good January. So, it has been nice having him back to going to work on a regular basis again. It will help with my sanity. =)

Lately my four year old Emily has turned into quite the T R I A L. She doesn't listen well, talks back often, and otherwise drives me crazy on a regular basis. She sure can be a sweet little thing, but has such a tender, sensitive personality, that ANYTHING will set her off. I don't know what to do with such a personality, I have never had that type of personality. It is a learning process every day to see "what will work" for her. EVERY child is different, especially in this home. Case is point:
  1. Nathan is a laid back, easy going kid. Loves to learn, curious, cooperative, happy.
  2. Aubrey is a wild ball of fun, pent up energy. Independent, stubborn and loves to be touched, held, and moving at all times. (she gets that from me =) )
  3. Emily is quiet, tender, sensitive, and surprisingly has a defiant side.
  4. Betsy is just happy, all the time. Pretty laid back, and very content.
  5. Jay is a good kid. All around great little boy. Very curious and into everything lately.

And it is my job to figure them all out and adjust my parenting skills every second, for each individual child. Being a mommy is tiring work, no doubt about that. I sure love it though.... especially bedtime =).

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Let it snow...

This morning we woke up leisurely, and found that it just starting to SNOW! Now, just so y'all know, Snowflake has had terrible luck with snow this winter. It will dust us with a 1/2 inch or so and then melt off quickly and leave nothing but lots of mud to be tracked all over my carpet. So, I thought to myself, "This won't last long", and well, almost 8 hours later and it is still coming down. There is now at least 6-8 inches on the ground, and more falling every minute. I thought for sure it would be freezing outside as I bundled my kids up for our trek up the hill to church, and yet, it is warmer then you'd think. I love the way that it looks and makes me feel. Fresh, quiet, clean snow...all the possibilities.

BUT, I am not looking forward to the early morning drive tomorrow (if they don't end up canceling school) getting Nathan back into the swing of first grade again. He keeps asking me if he will be in second grade now! He has really had a hard time being away from school for so long. He is looking forward to tomorrow. So am I....but for other reasons....

We finally decided to call in the big boys, and hired a plumber for the kitchen sink. We ran into some problems that tend to come with 60+ year old kitchens. And so tomorrow, the plumber is coming, and hooking up my sink and dishwasher. And then, WE ARE DONE!!

Well, not exactly (we still have the vent hood to hang, cabinets to paint, walls to touch up, fridge door hinge flipped, and a spice rack cabinet to build), but I will have a 100% functioning kitchen again. And I can't wait for my life and home to get back to "normal" again. No more dishes in the tub, tools all over the place, furniture re-arranged.... I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!

Church went really well today. We got there on time, (thanks to the fact that our meeting is now at 11 am!--yeah!) and got the kids all arranged with their new seating assignments (best idea EVER). The spirit was strong, the kids were really well-behaved--- minus a little episode from Emily ={, and primary was a good time, like always. I really like my calling. It is great to be back in primary, but be removed from all the work it involves. I go, sit, and play the piano, which I love to do anyway, and let everyone else just tell me what they want to hear me play. All this practice has done me good too, because I feel like I am getting better every week. Plus a bonus, I have caught up on my scripture reading, because during sharing time when I don't have to be playing, I sit at the piano and read my scriptures, lesson manual, Ensign, etc. I has done me really good.

David's parent's are up in Utah right now at the baby blessing of Ben and Amy's baby boy. I sure wish we could be there. I have missed having them around to hang out with. David and I miss all those game nights, brownies and funny stories! And I want to see my nephews, Isaac and new little Hyrum too!

On to other news... David took me out on a date last night. We dropped the kids off at Eva's and headed into Holbrook and ate at El Rancho, and then went over to a store and bought me a calender for next year. I got a Arizona Highways one, with some great beautiful pictures of the best state in the USA! It was definitely better then the other options, scantily clad women hanging all over motorcycles or kittens (I HATE cats). Yuck.

David is SO proud of his new toy. He bought himself a late Christmas present; a gun. He got the SKS. It looks pretty cool,with its bayonet and everything. And he is happier then a school boy and ready to fight off anything or anyone. He loves that gun! He has been cleaning it, reading up on it, talking about it, and just smiling across the room at it for a few days now. So we are now owners to three guns, A BB gun (if that even counts as a gun), a Henry .22, and a Russian SKS. Who would have ever thought that I would have guns???!!!??? Not me.

I have a pretty busy day tomorrow. I need to get the rest of my Christmas down, do about 15 loads of laundry (yes, I meant to type 15-fifteen), and get my kitchen cabinets primed. My parents are planning on coming on Tuesday to help with the final touches (yeah!), so that inevitably means that I need to clean my entire house too. Busy, busy, busy... no blogging tomorrow or Tuesday, I guarantee it.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Ushering in 2009!!!

I can't believe it is 2009 already! To bring in this New Year we all went over to David's parents house and had lots of fun! My camera is yet again having fits, so no pictures, sorry. We had sandwiches, lots of snacks, and even a fondue pot with melted chocolate and caramel. YUM! We all played games; Scum (I was the president, the whole time!!!), Apples to Apples (David's sister Anna won that one!) and Trivial Pursuit (it was girls against boys, and the girls won!). We all celebrated the new year a few hours earlier, and got all our kids back home and in bed by 10:30pm. It was a late night, and a nice morning, since they all slept past 8 am! By the way, that is unheard of in this house!!! I figure that I am going to post a couple of New Years Resolutions, so I have the motivation, since the whole world wide web has access to them... =)

So here goes nothin'---
  1. Read my Book of Mormon cover to cover at least once this year.
  2. Say my morning and night personal prayers.
  3. Be a more patient, loving, involved mommy.
  4. Get this darn house organized.
  5. Be better at keeping up on my usually messy house.

Now, I realize that only like 2% of people accomplish their resolutions past about 6 weeks in, so that is why I have kept it short and sweet, and given myself some breathing room. Wish me luck!! Have a great year, with a great start!