Monday, July 18, 2011

Summertime stuff

After chores one morning, we all spent some time at Pioneer Park as a family.  I told the kids that I would stay as long as they wanted.  Nearly three hours later they were "done"!  Here are some fun pictures of their time at the park.  I have to admit that is was nice laying on the blanket, relaxing in the shade on this very nice, beautiful summertime day....   (oh, and BONUS, my house stayed clean!!)

 I can't believe that I only have one picture of all the arts and crafts that has gone on this summer!There is almost always crayons, coloring books, papers, scissors, glue, tape, beads, buttons, etc. sitting all over our table.  There is numerous pictures, creations and crafts that have been made at our table this summer.
 And, just because it is kind of a big deal around here, here is a picture of my shower.  Yes, it is gross, and yes is smells.  (Just be grateful you can't smell this picture!)  Anyway, we are having issues AGAIN with our plumbing...  The guy who originally plumbed this house needs to be hung upside down by his toenails!!!  The only way to permanently fix this problem is to jackhammer into the plumbing under the house and re-route it into the main line, like it should be!  Do you hear the dollar signs?!?!?   
$ $ $ $ $ $ $ 
 So there is our next project, even if that wasn't the plan....

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

4th of July

 Happy Birthday America! 
 We spent our Independence Day running here and there, and had a wonderful time!  In the morning, we headed to Show Low to enjoy their annual parade.  I don't understand it, but nearly every year I am convinced that the parade starts at 10am, yet it really starts at 9am.  So, nearly every year we are rushing and hurrying out the door to make it on time.  Maybe I will remember next year, we will see.  The parade was nicely done with some good floats.  The kids liked Zorro on a horse, Ronald McDonald, and of course, the Smokey the Bear float.  It was HOT, and they threw more candy then any one person should ever consume.  Every other float had the 'good idea' to hand out Otter Pops.  After eating at least 2 or 3 a piece, we still ended up taking about a dozen of them home to put in the freezer.  Also notice the UN-patriotic colors we were all sporting.  In my defense, there were tons of activities and things planned all the weekend before, and the kids, and David and I had already used up all our red, white and blue stuff.  Sorry!  =)
So, after the parade ended, we headed back toward home.  We planned a very impromptu picnic at our house, on the way home and had Eva, Mathan, their 4 kids, and Andrew over.  We stopped and picked up a few pizzas (gotta love Little Ceasers), Eva and Mathan got a couple sub sandwiches and we had a thrown together, yet nice spread of some yummy lunch.  The kids had fun spending time with their cousins running in and out of the house.  The weather had cooled off, and we enjoyed some cloud cover, and even a few sprinkles. 

We all sat in the shade and talked for a couple hours, and then the Tenneys and Uncle Andrew headed home. We met up with our very good friends the Stradlings at Pioneer Park and had a BBQ with lots of friends. {No pictures, sorry!}  The food was DELICIOUS (it was a steer that they had just butchered), and the company was great.  We love the Stradlings, and the kids just LOVE playing together.  Such a relaxed, real family. 

Straight after the BBQ at the park we headed toward Holbrook.  We set up a blanket and a few chairs right off the highway and watched a fun fireworks show.  We met up again with Eva, Mathan and their kiddos, and had some fun together.  With firecrackers now legal in Arizona, there were TONS of them going off all around us.  It was LOUD, but fun for the kids. 

Here is Aubrey and sweet baby Lilly.  She is just 3 weeks old in this shot and such a beauty!  Don't mind Aubrey's hair.  It had been a big day.

After the fireworks, we loaded back up, and headed home.  The kids were ALL asleep before we hit the Woodruff turn off!  (That is only about 7 miles, for those of you that don't know).  It was a BIG day, full of fun, sun, rain, friends, candy, food, and family!  Just as it should be...

Hope you all had a great 4th,
and God bless this wonderful nation!!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Peterson Posterity

Ben and Amy were in town last week.  It is a constant, FUN party every time they visit!  It is always a great time playing games, laughing and joking around, and letting the kids run wild with their cousins. 
After 20+ shots, we finally got a good updated picture of the Peterson grand kiddos.  Lots of little people with even more energy!  A dozen little cuties!
Eva and Mathans' newest BEAUTIFUL little girl. She is 3 or 4 days old in this picture, and oh so tiny (just 5 pounds)!   They have named her Lillian.  She will go by "Lilly".  The kids are thrilled to have a new cousin, but just a bit confused because they already have a cousin named Lili!  So, we have had to clarify.  They have dubbed their cousins, "Barton Lili", and "Lilly baby".  Funny kids....

It was a fun week, FULL of late nights, get-togethers, birthday parties, and lots and LOTS of eating food, treats, and goodies!  I think I gained at least 5 pounds....

Introducing Rudy

We ran across a dog wandering around my in-laws house.  He seemed very sweet, and super good with the kids.  We have talked randomly about getting a second dog.  We had planned on getting a female and naming her "Ruby".  Anyone recognize the names "Max and Ruby"?  Anyone with kids probably will...  So David and I decided to take home this cute little stray.  BUT, the dog is a male.  So, thinking a bit creatively, David started calling him Rudy.  And it stuck.  He has been with us for nearly a week.  He is a pretty good dog, has a horribly obnoxious high pitched bark, and hates being indoors (weird, huh?)  The kids are taken with him, Max (our original dog, 3 years old) is warming up to him, and I am getting used to the idea of TWO dogs, not just one.  Here are a few shots of our newest family member....
Rudy likes the cold hard tile floors, while Max is always looking for a soft place to lay.
Max and Rudy getting used to each other.  Rudy had just taken a much needed bath.