Monday, September 27, 2010

Bad Luck

Stitches have made a comeback. This time they are on ME. And they HURT. This will be a short post, because it is rather awkward and time consuming, chicken pecking, with my usable hand.

So, for those of you that don't already know, I was hand washing dishes on Saturday afternoon. I was washing a glass and it shattered, all while my hand was inside. OUCH!!! and other naughty words too. I finally found a friend that was home to watch my kids while I went down to the doctors office. I now have five stitches on my left, middle finger knuckle. It cut all the way to the bone, so I am on pretty strong antibiotics too.

I will add other news and updates later, but as of now, I have had enough chicken pecking...

Monday, September 20, 2010


I realized yesterday that I haven't updated my blog in a while. It's not that things were not going on... HECK, there is always something going on... I just enjoyed looking at my sweet husbands' birthday blog for me! He really did sneak that one in, and I was very pleasantly surprised to see he had done it! What a great guy!

Anyhow, other then my birthday recently and the big baptism bash for Nathan, life has calmed down a bit. The kids are doing well in school, Betsy and Jay are still both taking naps conveniently right after Emily gets dropped off at afternoon kindergarten, and once or twice a week I will grab a nap too. AHHH! Miraculous, I know...

David had been AWOL a lot lately. He is pretty busy with his new calling, Elders Quorum President, and then on the days or times he is not doing that, he has been doing a lot of work out on the reservation, where he is gone for 3-4 days at a time. I sometimes feel like a single mom, and sometimes just about lose it, but so far I am still sane, and the kids are all alive and well, so that is good. =) He started 8 credits of schooling, but unfortunately he had to drop his classes. The financial aid was never processed, and because school is kinda pricey, we couldn't pay for classes and books on our own, so he had to drop. GRRRR!!!!!! Maybe next semester NPC can get their act together, and we can try again. (can you tell I am kinda miffed at NPC right now?!?!)

Yesterday at church I realized how VERY much my priorities are off. I spend far too much time wasting time. My life is filled with lots of time wasters, and I am culling back and focusing on the things that REALLY matter. My marriage, kids, and the gospel. That is all that REALLY matters. More time focusing on them, less time wasting my day away. So with that being said, I will say goodbye. =)

Friday, September 10, 2010

29 Years and Counting (by David)

About 10 years ago I met the prettiest thing she came waltzing into the place I worked at EA with the biggest smile on her face, I was hooked!
Since then she has brought more happiness and meaning into my
life than any one man deserves.

She's the only woman I know who can look gorgeous after puking
from sea sickness.
and the only woman that could bring the five
most precious children into the world.

Valerie you have brought so much happiness into my life and our kids lives
you are the only person that could do this.
We will always love and appreciate you!

Happy Birthday!!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

OuR LaBoR dAy!

This will not be a post of pictures and stories of family, BBQ's, and fun, unfortunately...

THIS is what we did for our Labor Day....

Apparently the on-call doctor was "unavailable in Snowflake, so you need to just take him in to the ER." BOO HISS! So Nathan and I headed up to Show Low. Well, SiX hours and six stitches later we got home. NOT the way to spend a holiday.

Maybe next year I will have pictures of family, BBQ's and fun....

**UPDATE: The stitches are in his neck/chin area. A sibling was chasing him, and he tripped on his shoelace, coming through the back door. He hit his face on the frame of our open sliding door. It didn't hardly bleed, and he hasn't complained a bit since about 13 seconds after the doctor sewed him up. He was such a good sport. =) **

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Nathan's Baptism Day

On Saturday, September 4, 2010, Nathan was baptized and confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. It was a wonderful day! I am so proud of my boy! Nathan always wants to do what is right, and he wants to please others. On Saturday he formally started down the path of pleasing his Heavenly Father. The spirit was so strong and emotions ran deep as I watched David lead Nathan into the baptismal font. I was so proud of my husband for leading a worthy life that he could baptize our son. But mostly, I was SO proud of Nathan for his choice to be baptized.

So many people came for Nathans' big day. Grandma and Grandpa Barton; Grandma and Grandpa Peterson; Justin, Heather, Josh, Lili, Abi, and Lizzie Barton; Heather, Jacob, Brenan, Shaylin, and Kyen Mayhew, Heidi, Wynn, Alea, and Weston Christensen; Carl and Anna Stailey; Ben, Amy, Isaac, and Hyrum Peterson; Eva, Mathan, May, Ellen, and Thomas Tenney; Andrew Peterson. Other guests included, Melinda, Marcie, and Riley Sipes; Heidi and Wyatt Ellison; Heather, Savannah, Saige, Sierra, Summit, and Sedona Larson; Sue Smith; Carin, Saxon, Moriah, Moira, and Myraid Stradling; Robin Stuart; Deon Blaine; and Shaun Jeppeson. If I missed someone, I am sorry. I tried my hardest to remember all the faces I saw.... The room was crowded and HOT, but the program I outlined around his confirmation turned out pretty well. After Nathans' baptism and confirmation many of the crowd followed us back home where I put on a luncheon of sub sandwiches, salads, chips, veggies, etc. (THANK YOU for all who helped out!) Everyone seemed to have a good time, and plenty to eat.

For Nathans' "cake and ice cream" he decided he would rather have banana splits instead! It was a hit! Everyone got thoroughly sugared up, and many people stayed late into the night for games, and great conversation.

I loved our Saturday and am SO proud of Nathan for making his first official step back to his Father in Heaven. I hope I can be a better mother and example to him. I hope that we have taught him enough that he can now take over the reins a bit more and steer himself in the right direction. What a wonderful, happy joy Nathan has been. It has been a privilege to be his mother. I LOVE YOU NATHAN!!