Thursday, December 22, 2011


I can officially say that I may be 'the professional' on what stress is.  Between three birthdays, one baptism, Christmas in three days, the kids home from school (augh!), moving across the country in less then 2 weeks, oh, and all the remodeling projects on the house that other people will get to enjoy, I AM STRESSED!!  Like 'absolutely-lose-it' stressed.  If it wasn't for my wonderful giving friends and family, I think I may already be in the looney bin!!

I owe so much to my wonderful mom-in-law, sweet sister-in-law Eva, and friends, Carin, Marcie, Heather and Heidi. (I have always thought it was a bit coincidental that my friends/visiting teachers names are Heather and Heidi- just like my twin sisters....)  These wonderful women have helped me the most!  They have offered take my kiddos off my hands, and allowed me to get SO MUCH more accomplished!

Oh how I am going to miss my wonderful circle of friends.  I know that I am a difficult person to get to know, and am quite shy and to myself.  But regardless of that, I feel like I fit in with my ward.  I feel like I have found my place and feel comfortable in it.  I am sure going to miss the friends that I do have.  Thank you to all my great friends!  I appreciate you more then you know.

So, after that short break, I need to get back to it.


Monday, December 19, 2011

Last, but not least, EMILY turns 7!

Emily was born today.  Seven years ago.  We all woke her up this morning with a rousing rendition of "Happy Birthday".  She got to open her presents, and was treated to breakfast in bed.  After the traditional orange slice sharing and giggly orange slice smiles and kisses, I decided to share the story of Emily's birth.  Its a good one, and the kids all thoroughly enjoyed all the details (but no too many!).  As I know that I have already shared her story in great depth on this blog a few years back (no, I don't know how to link it), I will give a quick summary.

1)Extremely stressful Sunday with two very rambunctious children aged 2 and 1. 
2)House an absolute disaster!
3)Long walk in the bitter cold trying to get contractions started.
4)Last minute game night planned with Uncle Ben and a few other friends.
5)Rushed house clean for said game night.
6)Kids to bed WAY past their bedtimes.
7)Late night Star Wars movie watching.
8)To bed by 11pm
9)Awoken at 11:14pm with HUGE contraction.  OUCH!
10)Water breaks at 11:17pm
11)Headed toward the hospital, speeding and running red lights.
12)Got to the ER at 11:52pm
13)Emily born at 11:54pm.  (yes, that is only 2 minutes)
14)Born at 36.5 weeks, in 45 minutes from first contraction to birth.

So, happy 7th birthday my sweet Emmy Jo Beans. 

P.S.- no more birthdays in this Peterson household until May...  PHEW....

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Aubrey's Baptism Day

Because of the timing of Aubrey's birthday, our move to Montana, and stake baptisms; we asked for special permission to have Aubrey's baptism before our move, with her family and friends.
 So, yesterday on December 17, 2011 Aubrey was baptized and confirmed a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.   It was a special day.  She looked absolutely angelic in her new beautiful white dress (thank you Heather!)  and real pearl necklace from Grandma and Grandpa Barton who are serving a mission in Nauvoo right now.
  She sat reverently, listening carefully to each talk, and she said, in the bathroom as I fixed her hair and put her in her beautiful new dress, "Mommy, I feel so warm and happy".  What a wonderful moment for me, as her mom, to have with her.

She had many of her friends and family members come for her special day.  Bishop Jeppesen and Britain Jeppesen;  Bob and Lilly Threlkeld; Kevin and Braedyn Standerfer; Jacob, Heather, Brenan, Shaylin, and Kyen Mayhew; Heidi, Wynn, Alea and Weston Christensen; Justin Barton; Eva, Mathan, May, Ellen, Thomas and Lilly Tenney, Grandma and Grandpa Peterson, and Andrew Peterson.  And here is a picture of all the cousins and siblings that were there:
L to R:  Brenan, Kyen, Jay, Nathan, Weston, Ellen, Alea, Thomas, Aubrey, Lilly, Shaylin, Emily, May, and Betsy.

She also got a picture with her Grandma and Grandpa Peterson.

And here is the final shot, later that day back at home with our whole family on Aubrey's day. 

I love my sweet Aubrey and am so proud of her for her decision to be baptized. 


Thursday, December 15, 2011

The boy turns FOUR

My baby boy turned FOUR today.  We didn't do too much to celebrate, but he did tag along with mommy all day finishing up Christmas shopping and getting stuff for the house and move.  We hit over a dozen stores today, spend hundreds of dollars (most of it at the gas pump!), and even stopped at McDonalds in Show Low for a special lunch.  He got a Happy Meal and played in the Playplace for over an hour.  He and Betsy were incredibly good, putting up with all the loading and unloading, and sitting in shopping carts, and rushing from here to there. 
What a great little man we have!! 
He is TROUBLE, with a capital T!  But, he is such a joy. 
A spunky, destructive little tike, everyone's greatest playmate.  He is LOUD, and a bit violent, but still loves to be held, and hugged, and rocked.  He was the finishing touch to our Peterson family, and he does a great job filling the shoes of the baby. 
He knows he can get away with a lot with his silly facial expressions, and sweet gravely voice. 
Happy birthday my baby.  I find myself wishing you little again.

 FOUR!!!!  Sheesh, time flies when you are chasing a busy boy named Jay....

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Birthday girl!

My sweet Aubrey Sue is having a birthday today.  She is turning EIGHT!!!  (Where does the time go?!?)  Aubrey has been a strong, independent, subborn little girl from the time she was born.  Even before that!  I was told she would be born by Thanksgiving (Nov. 27th), and she didn't make her debut until almost 2 weeks later on the 10th of December.  And that was with a little help from pitocin!  She is a very headstrong girl. (She gets that from me!)

I have seen great things from Aubrey in the last several months.  Where she used to be intentionally naughty, and a bit of a spitfire, she is now such a joy!  She has matured so much, an I have loved watching her turn into a wonderful little lady.  She still has her moments, but more often then not, now she is kind, helpful, and a great little mini-mommy.  =)

Aubrey loves to dance, sing and perform.  (I think she enjoys the spotlight!)
Aubrey is a great artist, and has a knack at creating, coloring, and drawing.
Aubrey is a natural leader. (It comes across sometimes as bossy!)
Aubrey is a deep thinker and will sometimes say very profound things. 

I love my first born girl so very much!  She is social, happy, and such a beauty!  She keeps me on my toes, but also keeps me laughing, smiling, and loving my job as her mommy.


Thursday, December 1, 2011

We are moving!!!

For the last few months, David has been busy looking, applying, and interviewing for new employment.  We have been researching, praying and fasting for the right opportunity to come along.  And it finally has!  David has been hired as the Senior Mechanic for the Facilities Management with the church in Billings, Montana!  His start date for work is on January 3rd.  And we are heading north from Snowflake on the 28th of December.

Yes, Montana!  Yes, in 27 days!

We are all feeling a bit nervous about this big change in our lives.  I am thrilled one minute, and sad the next.  Snowflake has been Davids' home since birth, and has become home to me in the last eight years we have lived here.  We live in an incredible neighborhood, the churchs' best ward, and are surrounded by a loving extended family. 

Moving to Montana will undoubtedly be a HUGE change for us.  We don't know yet where we will live, how our ward will be, and will not have any family within hundreds of miles of us.  So, yes, we are excited, but also sad.  And it may explain much of my distraction, busyness, emotional outbursts, and overall stress that you may have noticed in me.

It is a bittersweet thing, but we are looking forward to growing closer and stronger as our own family, becoming better missionaries, making lots of new friends, and the stability and security this job will bring.