Thursday, June 13, 2013

Emily's Baptism

My sweet Emily is such a kind, happy peacemaker.  She enjoys peace and quiet, and her behavior is usually the same.  She LOVES all animals, and especially loves our dog, Max.  She tries hard to do what is right and is a great example to her sisters and brothers. 

Emily make the decision to be baptized a long time ago.  She asked at several occasions if she could get "bath-tized" yet.  We knew that her birthday and her possible baptism would fall during our Christmas vacation to Arizona.  We gave her the option of being baptized here in Laurel with her new friends and ward, but no family, or in Snowflake, without her new friends or ward, but with family.  She chose Snowflake.  After getting permission, we began planning the big day that would happen on the other side of the country.  First up, pictures!  Here are a few:

 This is the one that she chose for her program cover.  She insisted that Max was in it.  We settled for his ear... =)

She turned 8 on December 19th and was baptized 10 days later on December 29, 2012.  She got baptized at our old church building with several old friends from our Snowflake ward there too!  We had nearly all of her family, on both sides with us.  It was a wonderful, simple, special time for Emily.

I am so proud of my beautiful Emily, and her righteous, good, loving heart.  Such a great little girl full of great potential.  WE LOVE YOU EMILY!

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