Saturday, December 8, 2012

Betsy turned SIX!

My sweet, happy, beautiful baby girl, Betsy turned SIX on November 11th!  Time flies when you are having fun!

It was a very low key, no fuss kind of day. All she asked for this year was chocolate cupcakes for her kindergarten class. And so, that is what she got, plus a bit more!

Betsy has a smile that just radiates through every bone in her body.  The joy just oozes out of her.  And when she just can't keep it in, she starts hopping around and giggles and laughes!  It gets everyone else laughing too.  She has such a contagious, positive spirit and is such a HAPPY child.   I wouldn't trade her for ANYTHING. 

I love you so much my wonderful girl.  Keep joyful forever! I love you Betsy Boo.  Bugaboo bears.  Boo-boo-be-do.  Sweet sweet petunia.  Petunia pants.  Giggle bug.  The best bets.  You make our lives happy!  You make EVERYONE happy!  =)

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Amanda said...

She does make everyone happy. Love you Betsy!