Thursday, December 20, 2012

December Birthdays!

December is a busy month for pretty much everyone.  But, I have probably almost everyone beat for busy in December.... 

I have five children.  3 of which have birthdays that fall within 9 days of each other.  And one more that falls less then a month before.  4 out of five birthdays happen within 4 weeks of each other....

So, here they are, my beautiful December babies:

Aubrey Sue Peterson was born on December 10, 2003.  Our second child and first girl.  This year she turned NINE. 
Emily Jo Peterson was born just a year and nine days later on December 19, 2004.  She is our third child and second girl.  This year Emily turned EIGHT!  She is being baptized next weekend in Snowflake! (Sorry for the random newborn pic.  This is what happens when all my pre-digital camera pictures are in one HUGE box. Piled up)  Note to self: organize your pictures!!!

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